Specific Amount Off per Product if Purchasing 4 or More

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     4 years ago

    I have a client that gives customers a reduced price from $7.00 per jar of jelly or jam to $6.75 if they purchase 4 or more jars. I was looking at the 'Buy X Get Y' coupons but I think a plain old coupon should work.

    It looks like a coupon with a Minimum Product Quantity of 4 will suffice for the minimum quantity. She sells other products so I applied it only to the Jams category and the Jellies category (Assets). Past that I get stuck. Do I just specify a specific amount of $0.25 for the Value? I tried that on the demo site but I couldn't find a place to add the coupon at checkout so I don't know if it works.

    This is a presale question to see if this will work for my client. It was also be best if this discount just happened without a coupon code at checkout. Is that an option? Or must a coupon code always be entered with AWO?

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     4 years ago


    Yes, if the discount is $.25 for any items in those categories you selected when there is a minimum of 4 in the cart, then that should do it.

    The coupon field was disabled by another demo user, I have enabled it again so you can test it.

    Also you can have the coupon applied automatically following these instructions: