Settings to Play With

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     7 years ago

    In the documentation for selling gift certificates, under the heading "Settings to Play With," it states:

    To change the minimum and maximum length, go to “Configuration” located on dashboard.

    Auto-generated email: If you want to customize what this email says, change the subject line or from name or email, go to “Configuration” located on dashboard.

    My configuration screen does not have a field for either of these. There is "General" with two options, "Gift Certificate Products" with one (order status for sending automatic email); and "Coupon Code Error Description."

    I have the latest version of AWOcoupon Pro. Is there another place to look?
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     7 years ago

    Hi Scott, thanks for pointing that out. The blog will be updated.

    The configuration of the min/max length has been moved into profiles. So go to dashboard->Gift Certificate->Gift Certificate Profile and edit your current profile to see the options.