Separate the discounts for each code on the checkout page

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     4 months ago

    I just bought the awocoupon components for virtuemart and generally it does what I expect.

    So I created several coupons with different discounts for several products in addition to those coupons I created another one that does free shipping in orders above a certain amount.

    I combined all the coupons in just one, the thing is that on the checkout page it just shows the total of the discount for each coupon, even if I enable multi coupons and introduze all the codes it just sums them all in just one value and I would like to have the discounts shown for each coupon code, specially for the shipping one because, people on the checkout page just see one discount and they don't realize if they go above the amount needed to get free shipping that the discounted is already applied specially cause below the discount fields still shows the default amount for the shipping method they use.
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     4 months ago


    If I understand correctly, you created a combination coupon and want to show the different coupons that are used within the combination coupon in the cart?  This is not a feature of AwoCoupon.  You could update the 'display text' of the combination coupon, to indicate to customers it could contain more than one discount.  Other than that you would need custom programming to display the discounts within a combination coupon.