Sending email according to orders with virtuemart

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     5 years ago

    Let's see if I can explain, I would need such a thing.
    I have an ecommerce done with virtuemart and I installed your plugin of birthdays which is fabulous and then I can attach a discount coupon but now I need to be able to send coupons based on the orders of a customer.
    Example: I have a client who always buys red wine of Portugal, after x months I would send him an email with a copuon where he says that if you try this new wine is entitled to an extra discount.
    it is possible or something like that?
    thanks a lot

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     5 years ago


    AwoCoupon email allows you to send emails with coupons triggered by orders. You can also set a delay in days:

    Do try it on the demo site just to make sure it fits your needs: