Send a gift certificate or coupon to costumer whu bought a specific product

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     5 years ago

    Hi Seyi,

    Is it possible to setup the following?

    I want to send automatically a coupon, who bought something.

    So, the costumer bought a specific product, than after the order, I want to send to he /she a mail, including a coupon, with which he /she can buy other product(s) using some discount.

    Is it possible somehow?

    if yes, what would be the correct setting to reach the above?

    Thanks in advance!


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     5 years ago


    One way to do this is make the product a gift certificate in AwoCoupon so that when the product is purchased a code email is automatically triggered. If using AwoCoupon 1, and dont want it to be a gift certificate, you can use this workaround: