Sell gift cert with custom fields help?

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     4 years ago

    I want to sell gift certificates via Virtuemart. But I don't want to create product for each gift cert value. Can I choose gift cert value with custom fields help?
    Example: I choose product - gift certificate, and I can select in dropmenu or radiobox value of it. After receive it on email.
    How to make it?
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     4 years ago


    You can sell gift certificates in a dropdown in the front end, but you would still need to set up a product for each within AwoCoupon. The idea is to create a parent product called Gift certifiicates, and then create children products, where each one is a value. Tie these products to AwoCoupon and then you can use stockable variant to add the child products into a dropdown.

    Here is virtuemarts explanation:

    And another tutorial: