Rounding Error when adding a new item to the cart

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     4 years ago

    For my site I am seeing a rounding error, and since it happens for a 10% discount, when we have over $1000 purchase, the error is a few dollars off...

    1. Add items to my cart
    2. Auto discount of 10% is applied correctly
    3. Go to checkout and add my shipping address of NY State
    4. Taxes are now applied
    5. Discount is CORRECT
    6. Add an additional item to my cart
    7. Go again and set my Shipping ADdress
    8. Now my discount amount is wrong (off by a few dollars)

    Initial amounts:
    Subtotal: $2,330.00
    Discount: $-233.00
    Subtotal: $2,097.00
    Tax :$186.11
    Total :$2,283.11

    Now if I add a new item to my cart:
    I added an $85 item to my cart and now the totals are as follows:
    Subtotal :$2,635.00
    Discount :$-286.89
    Subtotal :$2,348.11
    Tax :$210.47
    Total: :$2,558.58
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     4 years ago


    If you are not on the latest, 2.3.4, can you upgrade to the latest, and then look in awocoupon->configuration to see if injection mode is recommended?