Remove 'Get Y' product Automatically added to cart

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     2 years ago

    I have two 'Buy X Get Y' coupon codes.
    If the customer selects Coupon 1 it adds product A to the cart and enables discount A.
    If the customer selects Coupon 2 it adds product B to the cart, enables discount B, and disables discount A.
    However, Product A remains in the cart even though it's discount has been disabled.

    One would expect that when discount A is disabled, the associated product A would be removed from the cart. But this does not happen. How can we get this to happen?

    Otherwise the customer would have to manual remove the product from their cart if they changed their mind when selecting a promo.
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     2 years ago


    AwoCoupon will add products if you check the automatically add product to cart, but it does not delete products. There are multiple coupon situations where this becomes extremely completed to do, so we stay away from trying to guess what should be removed from the cart.