Refer a freind Help

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     5 years ago

    Just got the refer a friend a few weeks back and am now working on configuring it. I am overwhelmed with some of it and how it works. Simply put I want to offer a current registered user/shopper the ability to earn a % of the person(s) referred total sale(not including shipping) and that person (the referred) will also save a % of their sale for following through.

    Also, do I have to make a special template just for the refer a friend or can I just the current one for purchased gift certificates?
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     5 years ago


    Here is a rule that should achieve more or less what you want:

    Customer type: Sponsor
    Payment type: instant or cumulative, depending on what you want
    Rule type: order
    Percent of Order Total: the percentage amount.

    Can make the same rule for the friend, just change customer type to friend.

    And for the profiles, no, you can reuse any of them. But I would recommend just duplicating one and customizing it.