Recommend a Friend

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     2 years ago

    We wish to create "Recommend a Friend". We have AWOCoupon Pro and AWOReferral.

    We want to give each user (sponsor) a code they can pass on to their friends. This code should a) give the friend one type of discount (coupon#1) and b) give the sponsor another type of discount (coupon#2)

    1) Is AWOCoupon Pro with AWOReferral sufficient for this?
    2) We can create and upload a customer-specific code for each customer so that all existing customers can be sent their own code (for them to pass on) - but how do we then setup automatic codes / emails for future customers in the same format for consistency? Or, if we setup an auto referral as of now for future orders, can we issue the same type of coupon for all existing customers?

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     2 years ago


    You are describing the functions of AwoAffiliate:

    With it you can create an affiate code. It also has a plugin which will work for number 2. YOu can set it up so on registration an affiliate code is created and automatically emailed to the customer.