re: Coupon value using product currency

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     7 years ago


    My product prices are stored in Virtuemart in various currencies and the shopping cart uses 1 currency (my prices are updated based on the daily exchange rate).

    It appears that the value I enter for a coupon uses my shopping cart currency.

    Is there a way to hack/edit the value field in the coupon so that it uses the currency of the product?

    i.e. A have a product selling for USD100, and I want to offer USD20 off where my site displays prices in Australian dollars.

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     7 years ago

    Hi, Are you using some third party software to keep track of all this? If so, I could not help you much with this as it is higly dependent on what they are doing. The coupon discounts are calculated within www/administrator/components/com_awocoupon/assets/virtuemart/ps_coupon_process.php. That is where the changes would need to be made.