re: buy 5+ of this product to recieve a percentage discount

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     6 years ago

    hi, i just recently installed the latest non pro version of your plugin.

    from what i was reading, I believed it was possible to give a percentage discount for any user if they purchased say 5+ of the same product.

    Now from reading, I dont believe that is possible? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Secondly, If I disable this plugin, will that have any effect on my database etc?

    Look forward to your help and support.

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     6 years ago

    You should be able to use the value definition for this. Buy 5 of x and receive a 20% discount on x or the whole cart. Take a look at section Value Definition of user_guide.html in your download.

    Disabling will not have any affect on your store/database. AwoCoupon has its own tables, so once you disable it you just cut it off.