Random adding coupon discount to total.

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     4 years ago


    awocoupon version:
    Joomla version: 2.5.26
    Virtuemart version: 2.0.24

    I have recently updated my subscription and installed the latest version of awocoupon.

    I have just added a new coupon for a percentage discount 1 time use per customer coupon.

    I have had 3 customers process the product with the coupon discount subtracted from the total and had two customers now contact us saying the coupon discount amount is being added to the total, all using the same coupon code.

    Naturally I have tried the coupon and works for me, I cannot reproduce the problem.

    I have tried in different browsers just in case.

    I have seen two other posts concerning adding to price but what I can see in the new version of the component this has been covered.

    It is quite concerning as I am not sure how many sales we are losing as I would assume not every customer would take the time to contact us.

    Please advise what could be causing this behavior as we have a very high volume turnover and with xmas approaching we will be using coupons extensively.

    Thank you
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     4 years ago


    I have not seen a problem where the discount is sometimes added to the cart and sometimes not. There must be a reason it is being added to the cart and until it can be reproduced, I really do not know how to help.

    I can point you at the code that dermines if to add or subtract the discount:

    in www/administrator/components/com_awocoupon/helpers/estore/virtuemart/couponhandler.php, around line 371 is this:

    version_compare($this->vmversion'2.0.21''>=') ? -1;

    This basically looks at the version of Virtuemart and determines if the multiplier is just a 1 or a -1. Would there be instances where the virtuemart version would be incorrectly determined?