question about creating automatic discount based on total in cart for vm2

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     3 years ago

    I am trying to create the following automatic discounts...


    coupon 1 - five percent
    If the product total is between $500 - $999
    I want 5% taken off the total (prior to tax)

    coupon 2 - ten percent
    If the product total is over $1000
    I want 10% taken off the total (prior to tax)

    I have created these 2 coupons, I added them to 'auto discount'

    When I try to apply them, by putting $700 in my cart or $1200 to my cart, I don't think the percent discounts are working properly.

    can someone please help with this.

    I am using pro
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     3 years ago


    What are you getting? Are you trying to apply one or the other? If so make sure that the highest value is ordered first and in awocoupon->config, the max number of automatic discounts that can be applied is set to 1.