Problem with second license for second site

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     3 years ago

    We recently cloned one of our website and restyled for a client who wanted a second slightly different website that operates on a different url. We have the site up and running but just now realised we need a second license for the second url.

    We've bought the second license but I can't find any local key in awodev user section. It has a license number "awocoupon2_**********" but no local key. I also can't find how to set the website in the backend for this second one. I've been looking at the users -> licenses section but the links go to the product, the order or the website and I can't find any option to edit or change the license.

    Nicholas Jephcott
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     3 years ago


    You probably have the old website license information in the second website. Please click the delete button to completely delete the license. Then enter the new license you purchased and click 'activate'. The local key will automatically be generated for you.