[Resolved] Prestashop Voucher does does not exist

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     4 years ago

    On top of previous issues posted...since upgrading to 1.2.3 any voucher or coupon code entered now results in:

    1 error
    This voucher does not exists

    Please advise on where I start to diagnose this issue, as I'm rapidly losing faith this product works :(
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     4 years ago


    "This voucher does not exists" is a prestashop default error mesage, which means your coupon was not processed through AwoCoupon, otherwise it would say "Coupon code not found", unless you changed the error messages in awocoupon->configuration->error messages.

    In most cases it is one of 2 things
    1) It is not reading the override file in which case you need to delete /cache/class.index.php and let it rebuld
    2) the overrides are not there and need to be added