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     4 years ago

    Firstly is it intended that when a customer buys a gift certificate and has that certificate emailed to someone else as a gift that an entry is still made under My Account > My Coupons? This seems a litle odd as a) the purchaser could then accidentally use the coupon that they have sent to someone as a gift b) the purchaser can track when voucher used.

    Secondly, is there any way to format the date displayed here:

    1) on My Account > My Vouchers display
    2) when using {vouchers} shortcode via edit Profile email section

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     4 years ago


    1) you could do it through the template, coupons.tpl, or create a new date string in /modules/awocoupon/classes/front/coupons.php to be passed to smarty
    2) it is not possible in this version without editing the code directly.
    in /modules/awocoupon/lib/giftcerthandler.php, search for this string:
    .=     $myawocoupon->l('Gift Certificate').': '.$row['code']."\r\n".
    $myawocoupon->l('Value').': '.$row['price']."\r\n".
    $row['expiration']) ? $myawocoupon->l('Expiration').': '.trim($row['expiration'],'"')."\r\n":'').