[Prestashop] Higher discount based on the amount spent

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     18 days ago

    Hi I wanted to know if it was possible, to make it so that for example:
    1) for amounts up to 50€ I apply automatically (in the sense that it is already applied in the cart without zafare anything)a 10% coupon
    2) for amounts from 50,1€ up to 100€ I apply a 15% coupon automatically
    3) for amounts from 100,1€ I apply a 20% coupon

    Can this be done?
    If yes how?
    thanks a lot

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     17 days ago


    Sure you can make a combination coupon:
    coupon 1: 100+ discount
    coupon 2: 50+ discount
    coupon: function type of combination, where you add coupons created above from highest discount to least, and set process type to first found match. 

    then use the combination coupon.