Pre-Sales Questions

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     6 years ago

    Good morning!

    I've been looking at the pro version of your coupon component and it looks very promising! I just
    have a couple of questions:

    1. is it possible to create a gift certificate that expires either a) after a set period of time (I know
    from reading about the component that it can do that already) OR b) after a specified number of

    2. is it possible for customers to auto renew a gift certificate?

    I understand if Awo Coupon Pro doesn't have the exact functionality I need out of the box, but
    since it seems to offer quite a bit of the functionality I need, if I purchase it will I be able to get the
    tech support I need to tweak it the rest of the way?

    Basically I'm setting up a site for a client who runs a lost and found service. They want to sell
    tags and labels with an ID number that is unique to each customer. Each of those tags expires
    after either one year or 2 uses each.

    Many thanks,


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     6 years ago

    Hi Cynthia,

    I do not really understand your website but I can answer the questions you posted:

    1) It is possible to create a gift certificate that expires, after x number of days/months/years. Gift certificates do not expire after usage, they can be used until the value of the gift certificate is 0.
    If you want number of uses, then you would have to sell a coupon, not a gift certificate

    2) It is not possible to renew a gift certificate. What triggers a renewal?

    And yes you can certainly be guided if you have specific questions. If you need us to build a feature then we would charge for the time.