Pre Sales Question - Subscription

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     6 years ago

    Hi there,

    I used AWOcoupon Pro a few years back to great success but am unsure how much it has changed since and whether the below is do-able. So any advise would be grateful.

    A client wants a site that will sell digital downloads. She wants to sell the files individually at a price but also wants people to be able to buy a subscription so that ALL products can be downloaded as many times as they need within the subscription period (one year).
    She wants this in a coupon code system so that she can sell the codes to other companies to sell for her.

    Would this be possible via the gift certificate system?

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     6 years ago

    Hi Rich,

    Im not sure about your workflow. But if by download the customer purchases a product and is given access then yes you could do it with AwoCoupon.

    You could create a coupon that gives 100% discount for a specified user for a specified amount of time. So everytime the user comes to the site, they can put the products in their basket, enter the coupon code to 0 out the total and once confirmed, the download logic takes over.