partner creation of coupons

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     a month ago

    I have a buss. partner who needs to create coupons at our shop to give to their own clients. A discount coupon at our shop is part of the partners offering.

    What is the best way to set this up? I dont want to give the partner access to my sites backend. Every coupon should be unique and created when needed, because there is a expiration term and each coupon can only be used once.

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     a month ago


    Creation of coupons can only be done through the backend, there is no front end function for this.

    If you are always creating the same coupon just with a different expiration, then you could create a plugin or module that shows up in the partner's front end account.   They would click a button and it would generate a coupon code that they could give out.  This requires php development though.  But just as a built in function to create coupons front end, this does not exist.