Parent products - Number of Uses

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     7 years ago


    Here is my conundrum. I have implemented AWO coupons and its working fine. However my client wants to be able to bulk import thousands of coupons that enable a shipping AND product discount. Fine, you can format the coupons in CSV and tell them which child coupons to add. HOWEVER what if I need to control the number of times a Parent coupon is used? I only want them used once BUT i want the children coupons to be able to be used an infinite number of times. Does this make sense? I can see currently there is no 'Number of Uses' field for Parent coupons. How can this be added? Its the last thing I need to make this work seamlessly.

    Otherwise we will have to generate 3 coupons for each coupon we want to giveout. One for the product discount, one for the shipping, and the parent to hold these two coupons. Obviously using bulk import this kind of scenerio isn't possible. At least I don't see a way. Any ideas?

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     7 years ago


    The number of uses for parent coupons was added in the latest version, 1.4.3:

    I think upgrading will solve your problem.