Parent Coupon not working (Hikashop)

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     a year ago

    Hi friends,

    I'm using Hikashop (2.x) and am trying to set up the following discount: 10% off PLUS free shipping. So far I haven't even tried limiting it to certain categories. Each coupon works individually, but for the combo I can only get 1 to work, depending on the process type. Here is what I have set up:

    Coupon 1: 10% off anything

    Coupon 2: Free shipping on anything using my Ground Shipping option

    Coupon 3: Parent that includes coupons 1 and 2. Set to "All that apply"

    In the configuration, Apply only one discount per product is set to "No."

    Any help is greatly appreciated, this is pretty urgent!

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     a year ago


    Not seeing any issues when testing such a scenario locally.  Possible to get temp admin access to have a look?  If so you can send a private message with the info.