Parent Coupon

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     7 years ago


    I've created a parent coupon, which has 2 child coupons, which are for specific products. When the products that have the coupons attached to them are placed in the shopping basket, the only way for both of the coupons, under the parent coupon, to be applied is to select "All that Apply" as the "Process Type". However there's a warning attached to this option stating not recommended.

    Is this the only way to have all the coupons under the parent coupon applied to the shopping basket, and is it safe to use the "All that Apply" option?

    When I select one of the other options, only one of the coupons is applied to the shopping basket.

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     7 years ago

    Not recommended is probably the wrong words to use. What is really meant is be careful. It is specifically for cases where there are clashes with the same product. So if you have 2 different coupons in a parent coupon that are to be applied to the same product, you might have some strange results. There is code in place to make sure there are no 'over' discounts, but this is a really complex area and cannot be 100% sure that every case is taken care of. In any case, if the coupons in question are for 2 different products then you have nothing to worry about, all that apply will work well. Still, test and make sure it is giving the desired effect.

    Just a note, so far we have had no complaints with the functionality of parent coupons.