Order Tax without coupon tax

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     6 years ago

    I Seyi,
    I'm using AWOCoupon Pro and our financial office noticed me about a problem regarding tax calculation when we sell something with coupon discount.

    Example: price with tax = 10€, tax is 21%, coupon discount is 10€, shipping costs (with tax)= 12€.

    What we need to have:

    the order and invoice we need to have is as following:

    Product Price = 100€
    Product Tax = 17.35€
    Shipping cost = 12,00€
    Shipping tax = 2.08€
    Total Tax = Product Tax + Shipping Tax = 19.43€
    Discount = 10€

    Total to pay = Product Price + Shipping cost - Discount = 100 + 12 - 10 = 102€

    In other words, we don't want to calculate tax even for discount coupon. We want to apply the discount to the total amount at the end of tax calculation and we want that tax calculation not be changed by discount... is it possible?

    Michele Pavan

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     6 years ago

    so using the same example, what are you actually seeing?

    Also in virtuemart configuration, do you have 'apply discounts before tax/shipping' unchecked?