One coupon for multiple products

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     3 years ago

    I have set up a coupon that gives a $5 discount on two products only. (There are a total of 4 products available for purchase). I have
    Function type: coupon
    Percent/Amount: Amount
    Discount Type: Specific
    Value: 5.00
    and then under assets I have the two products listed.
    If I add one of each product to my shopping cart, then checkout and enter the coupon code, it only deducts $5 in total. I want it to deduct $5 for each of the products in the checkout that the coupon applies to. How can I set this up please?
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     3 years ago


    You could set the coupon as a percentage coupon. If that does not work you can use value definition and set the amount based on quantity:
    qty value
    1 $5
    2 $10
    3 $15
    4 $20
    ... etc

    Here is more info on value definition: