Notification issue

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     7 years ago

    I would like to know whether I can configure the notificaiton message. I tested around and found that the notification came out the same which misled customer.
    Case 1: When customer is trying to use the coupon which has been used before. The notification should be like "this coupon has already been used"

    Case 2: When the minimum amount should be $50, if customer is trying to use the coupon with the total amount of $40, the system should say "The total should be $50 in order to use this coupon"

    To sum up, if the notification only say invalid coupon without the right explanation, customer would think that I gave out fake coupon which is not true. Please let me know whether the feature to customize the notification is available in pro verion. Thanks.
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     7 years ago


    In the free version, the default coupon error message from virtuemart is displayed. In the pro version, yes, the feature to customize the error messages is available.