No. of coupon limit?

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     8 years ago


    Is there a limit for the maximum amount of coupons that can be imported?
    For a local newspaper I want to offer their readers a unique coupon.
    So I have to generate and import approx. 650K codes.

    How does awocoupon handle this?
    Does it slow down the complete site?
    Does it work?
    Any ideas?

    Love to hear suggestions quickly because I have to deal with it in a couple of days.

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     8 years ago

    that is alooot of coupons to import at one time. I would probably try to break it into at least 10 different imports. But however your system handles it depends on how powerful your server/db is. I would think that amount of data would slow searches down, probably negligibly, but i am not a networks guy.

    might be better to try to create one coupon that many users can use, if possible.