need help gift certification and profile setup

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     4 years ago

    Hello, I am trying to set up my default profile for gift certificates. I have set up the initial information and have set the profile to HTML. Under HTML though there are x axis and pading settings which I don't know what they do and the instructions don't mention them. I was kind of hoping to see a sample profile included that i could edit and tweak for my personal using. Also what does the PDF section do?

    Also, I uploaded my own images to the gift cert folder under the module but it only shows up when in profiles and not when creating gift certs (only brown, christmas, and the other default ones). What's up with that?

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     4 years ago


    You must be using the prestashop version. When you install AwoCoupon you should also have installed 5 sample profile templates, brown, christmas, etc, .

    When you are on the profile list, do you not see these? If you do then I would just take one and edit it, or duplicate and then edit, it would be much easier to work with the configuration if you edit an existing one.

    Did you put your images in modules/awocoupon/giftcert/images? And are they either jpg or png extensions?

    The pdf section allows you to add a pdf to the email. If you fill it out and activate it, then a pdf will automatically be generated and emailed out to the customer. You can use any of the tags you use in an email .