NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE!!! Gift Certificate codes not being recorded in back end?

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     5 years ago

    I am running joomla 2.5.4 and VM 2

    I've installed the AWO coupon pro and when I first installed it, I did a couple test gift certificate purchases- and it seemed to work, with the coupon code being generated in the back end and the email containing the GC going out. Recently, I had someone actually purchase a Gift Certificate from the site and then got an email from them that they had not gotten an email with the GC in it after several weeks.

    While trying to trouble shoot the issue I found the following things that seem to be not working and I hope someone can help me figure out if it's a setting somewhere that I missed or what.

    I followed the instructions here ( on how to set up the GCs: I created the GC products in AWO and in VM and I'm pretty sure that I have my profiles set correctly. The tmp directory is also set to 775.

    But when I tried to use the GC code that was issued to the customer to test it out.... I got "coupon code not found" error message in the cart.

    So I dug a little deeper and realized that even though a GC had been purchased, the "code" for it was not recorded in the AWO> Gift Certificates> codes or in the main "coupons" area.

    So I tried to manually add the information to the data base, thinking that it would maybe work. I did this for a test GC and for the real one that had been purchased. I tried going to AWO>history of uses>orders and clicking the "resend" option for both the test GC and the real one and neither email address on the order received the GC. I manually created the same coupon code in the "coupon" panel, and set it's function type to "gift certificate", set the amount and start and expire dates. This allowed the code to work in the cart and be applied to an order- but the email still will not go out when I try to use the "resend" option.

    In my mind it seems like what should be happening is this:
    Order is placed for GC and processed.
    A coupon code is generated for the GC for the specified amount
    the code should be recorded in the AWO> gift certificates> codes and linked to the corresponding gift certificate product
    the code should also show up in the main "coupons" panel with the value and exp date
    under AWO > history of uses> orders the corresponding order number and coupon code should show up there.
    Upon "confirmed" order status an email should be sent out with the GC code in it

    However, the process seems to stop at the point of purchase and the coupon code is not getting recorded anywhere in the AWO component- making it so it gives the "coupon not found" error in the cart. And there is no email going out containing the GC code.

    What am I missing here? PLEASE HELP!!

    I can provide admin and ftp access to site in PM.
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     5 years ago


    I think it is best to view your site directly. Please PM me temporary admin/ftp access and I can look at it.
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     5 years ago

    Ok, found the problem. When after checking out and hitting the confirmation button, I am brought to a page that shows only part of the email that should be sent to me after purchase. Also I never receive the confirmation email. Going to the backend and manually moving the order from pending to confirmed also displays the partial email. Basically what was happening is there was an error in the code causing it to die before it reached the part of the code that automatically sends out the gift certificate. In the backend, you could get by this by unchecking the 'notify customer'. But for a customer who pays with a credit card and automatically confirms, they would always receive this error. So this is the file with the error

    Within it was this code

    I commented it out and changed it to what is currently in virtuemart 2.0.8


    Now the code does not die anymore, and the gift certificate function is ran. I ran an order through and had no problem with:
    1) receiving the gift certificate
    2) using it in the store