Mutiple Coupons

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     7 years ago

    I would like the customer to be able to use mutiple coupons. I have the box selected in the awo coupon configuration... but when I go to check out and add one coupon the coupon box goes away.

    Is there something I need to adjust so that the coupon box remains after adding one coupon code?

    How can a customer add two coupon codes. There is one for a 5% discount on certain product and one for a 15% on another product.

    Thank You for your support. This is excellent software by the way, there is nothing out there like it for Virtuemart, so thank you!

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     7 years ago

    Due to the way Virtuemart renders coupons, the customer would have to enter all the coupons at the same time, separated by a semi colon. So for example, if the customer has coupons a12w and r3c, this is what would would be entered in the coupon code field:
    a12w; r3c