Multiple coupoun codes

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     6 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your extension. We use it on our busy website and it does a great job.

    I have just upgraded to the latest version today. We enabled multiple coupons and upon testing noticed that the customer can apply multiple discounts to the same products using different coupons. This is not exactly what we wish.

    We would like to be able to offer something similar to the following:
    coupon: FC - gives €8.00 discount to any customer if he have any of the four products chosen (Products: FCLD, FCLF, FCLK, FCLA)
    VIDA - gives 50% off if customer 'Murder in Malta' in cart which happens to be €16.00 - so the discount is €8.00.

    So if customer has both, he should get €16.00 - this is working as expected.

    Now the twist is, that if the customer inputs BDLBOOKS15, he gets another 15% discount on top of all this. How can I avoid this happening.
    BDLBOOKS15 is using a category exclusion already in the setup.

    Could you implement something that avoids double discounts automatically and put a switch to the option in the configuration.

    Many thanks in advance.

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     6 years ago

    Hello Stephen,

    The feature you are after is not available in AwoCoupon Pro. It will be added to the feature list for further review but no guarantee it will be added now or in the future.