Multiple copuon codes and discounts

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     6 years ago

    I have a configuration problem with coupon pro. Here is my situation.

    I have Coupon that gives for ALL products 22% discount
    I have coupon that gives 31% discount for only 4 products (they in the first list as well)

    Now what i need.

    If client adds two coupon codes he should get 31% discount for Special product without 22% of first coupon.
    And rest of pro,ducts should contain 22% discount.

    Please help, how can it be done?

    Thank you.
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     6 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    This is not really possible. The only way to do it through the interface is to exclude the 4 products from the 22% discount coupon. The only other way is to somehow customize the coupon process code to work the way you need.