Multiple automatic discounts not working

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     4 years ago


    I'm using Awo coupon pro with virtuemart 2.

    I'm not able to use two or more automatic discounts at the same time. Multiple coupons are enabled in the configuration and all values are set to 10.
    When i add a second product or bundle with an automatic discount, the discount from the first product added is removed. But if i enter the coupon code manually it works fine.

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     4 years ago


    You cannot use 2 or more automatic coupons at a time. It will process the automatic coupons based on the priorities you set in the back end.

    If you want to use 2 or more automatic coupons at once, then you can add them all to a parent coupon code, set the process type to all that apply and then add that parent coupon code to the automatic discounts.