May be IIS problem

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     8 years ago

    I tried your component run on Apache and it works, but my production server is IIS and i have problems there may be it is php.
    The result in administration panel you could see here:

    PHP settings are:
    Safe Mode: Off
    Open basedir: None
    Display Errors: Off
    Short Open Tags: Off
    File Uploads: On
    Magic Quotes: Off
    Register Globals: Off
    Output Buffering: Off
    Session Save Path: C:\Windows\Temp
    Session Auto Start: 0
    XML Enabled: Yes
    Zlib Enabled: Yes
    Disabled Functions: None
    Mbstring Enabled: Yes
    Iconv Available: Yes
    WYSIWYG Editor: Editor - No Editor

    What do you think this could be?
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     8 years ago

    This is the problem: Short Open Tags: Off
    Turn on short open tags.
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     8 years ago

    Thanks, now it works. Thanks!