Manufacturer Coupon calculating total cart

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     7 years ago

    I am having an issue with the coupons based on manufacturer using AWOCoupon Pro.

    I would like to offer this coupon: purchase 5 products from any single manufacturer and get 10% off (those five products). I have 4 manufacturers on the site and this should apply to all of them.

    The only issue I am having is when I purchase 5 products from 1 manufacture and any number of products from another the coupon discounts the total cart. I only want it to discount the 5 products from the single manufacturer. Is this possible?

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     7 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    If you select all your manufacturers when creating the coupon, with a discount type of specific, it will discount (once criteria is met) all manufacturers.

    I think the best way to go is to create 4 different coupons, one for each manufacturer, making sure the discount type is set to specific. Then use parent coupons to bring it all together, setting the process type to something like first found match. This should ensure a discount of 10% to only one manufacturer where at least 5 products have been purchased.