Layout AwoCoupon Customer Balance

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     3 years ago

    Good afternoon Seyi,

    I'm trying to create a page for the user to view the balance and the coupon history added and used.

    If I create a Menu Item Type with Awo Coupon > Gift Certificate Balance History, it show correctly show the balance the form to add a new Gift Certificate and the history list,


    if I want to use the AwoCoupon Customer Balance module (so as to insert it within a page that I want to edit with other text), it only shows me the writing "Gift Certificate Balance: xxx,xx €" with the correct balance, but without the form to insert a new Gift Certificate and not even the Balance History.

    Do I have a problem with my component or does the module work like this?

    Wouldn't it be possible to fix the problem?

    Thanks a lot Seyi, I hope you can help me!

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     3 years ago


    The module is only a trimmed down version of the page and shows just the gift certificate balance and redeem button.

    You should be able to access the page content without the header/footer by going to


    So you could use that within an iframe or call he contents of the page through ajax.