Language problem? using Spanish as admin lang, you get logged off if you save changes!

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     6 years ago

    Is there any known bug using other language than English for Administration?
    I use Spanish as admin language, and when you want to save a new Coupon, or unpublish some of them, you get logged off from the system!
    I've changed the admin default language to English and everything works perfectly!

    Any solution to use it in Spanish?

    maybe it's too trivial, but I shohuld mention in the installation instructions that you have to enable the coupon usage in the Virtuemart main Admin page...
    I was going crazy 'cause it was not showing in the checkout! :-S

    Thanks 4 this simple & easy to use J!Component ! :-)
    And free!
    (well, I'm thinking about buying PRO version ;-) )
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     6 years ago

    The bug is known now, thanks to you. I was able to reproduce it. The problem is the language file itself, it is currently saved in ANSI format, and this is causing the log out problem. I will make sure this is fixed in the next update, but if you want it fixed now, the file needs to be re-saved in UTF8 format.

    To do this,
    - download and open this file in notepad: www/administrator/language/es-ES/es-ES.com_awocoupon.ini
    - Select File->Save As
    - Set the encoding to UTF-8
    - Save and upload

    That should fix the problem.
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     6 years ago

    That's a fast response!
    Thanks for the solution, but I've just boght you a PRO license and it works without modifying anything.
    Suppose u have updated the zipped package...
    Thank u very much,
    great module.