Just Purchased License, but doesn't activate every feature

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     6 years ago


    Just bought another license.

    Uninstalled the old component, then installed the new component (1.4.4 Pro)

    Enter my license and website, and then it activates and generates the local key.

    However, if I go to Dashboard or Coupons it keeps redirecting me to the license page...

    But I can visit the About, Reports, Gift Certificate etc pages just fine.

    What's going on? Should I delete through FTP and PhpMyAdmin anything to do with AwoCoupon Pro and then re-install?

    Please can you let me know ASAP as in 72hours we have a huge country-wide promotion that I need AwoCoupon Pro for (to import these coupons from a CSV)

    Kind regards,


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     6 years ago


    I have seen this problem before and it was just caching of the browser. If you clear your cache and refresh the pages, it should work fine.