Invalid coupon or coupon error msg

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     8 years ago

    Is there invalid coupon or min value not meet msg can be cutomer to each coupon?

    See you created a coupon with min value meet valid the coupon,
    example: i have one coupon with 100 min value and second one with 200 mini value.

    if the customer try to use those coupon, you only can see the generic msg, they don't know how much min value for those coupon to be valid.

    It will be good to have error msg for those type of coupons.

    Let me know if there a way.

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     8 years ago

    Hello, in the pro version of AwoCoupon you can set the error messages that the user sees. You cannot go as far as to say 'you need 100 to activate coupon'. But you can have a generic message for when this particular error is produced that says something like 'The order total has not reached the minimum value needed to activate this coupon'. I hope that helps.