Integration with Acymailing and Virtuemart

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     6 years ago

    Hi We are considering purchasing AWO Commercial for a client using Acymailing Enterprise and the latest version of Virtuemart. They have quite intricate requirements on the sales funnel that I need to confirm will be facilitated by AWO. Scenario that we have to replicate is;

    First requirement - Client sends a discount offer to a Blogger to share with her database of followers. It will include link to subscription page on his website (form either from Acymailing or Virtuemart).
    1. The subscription is to automatically load into preset Virtuemart member group ie Gold Member.
    2. Once subscribed, the group members will automatically gain access to 20% discount off most shop items
    3. One category of already discounted items will not be included.
    4. The discount is only valid for 30 days from date of subscription.

    Second requirement - When any shopper makes a successful purchase they are to receive an autoresponder with an offer of 5% discount on further purchases if they refer people.
    1. We need to able to record their friends' details into one subscription group, which triggers an autoresponder asking them to subscribe to the database to receive offers etc.
    2. We need to 'automatically' record the referrer and award them the 5% coupon via auto responder (only upon valid referral).
    3. We need to be able to record more than one friend at a time - in one form
    4. We need to apply the 5% discount as a one off purchase for each referral. Meaning that if they redeemed the 5% offer they would then have to refer more to then use another 5% offer.
    5. This coupon can be used in conjunction with the previous offer ie 20% gold group members can get a further 5% off on all transactions each time provided that they refer & purchase within their initial 30 day gold membership.

    Little complicated but hoping that you can help provide us with as much automation as possible. If we have to manually patch different steps, will still consider it based on your suggestions. Thanks so much
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     6 years ago


    That is quite a list. For the first part yes, you can create a coupon that is valid for 30 days and does not discount specific products or discounted items. And yes, you can have it autogenerated by using AcyMaling and AwoCoupon for AcyMailing. I think the part you would have to figure out is that the user gets added to the gold member group upon registration and receives the newsletter.

    For the second requirement, I think this is mainly a refer a friend program. The only part that would be connected with AwoCoupon is the production of the coupon code. There is alot to do there. If you need a custom quote to get that done, please send me a private message.