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     6 years ago


    I didn't had any problem with AwoC and the precedent 3 installations, but with this one I'm lost.

    FIRST we got problems when we put a Coupon code and change the quantity of the cart. After debug a little we decide to upgrade AWOC. ¡¡¡¡ All worked perfect except when we change cart's quantities !!!

    AFTER THAT we had a lot of problems with instalation (I have to ask for it to the hosting... my god!! ) and specially with licenses. As we need a fast solution we bought again the component and now seems to be all OK... but component doesn't make anything (good or bad: anything).

    FINALLY I realized that CHECK INSTALL presented errors: None of the Virtuemart injects were done. So, I chmod 777 all the involved files and re-tried (trough admin --> CHECK INSTALL).

    PROBLEM: now none of the coupons (VM or AWO) work. ¿The code seems bad injected? f.e. It seems that in ps_order is declared 2 times the same function ("delete" I think). I have to coment all code from Awo so all keep working (except awo) until I find a solution.

    ¿That injections need to be done in a non-hacked VM files? I haven't touched coupon's code but have touched all the files envolved more o less ; so the line 230 isn't the same that in the original file.

    SOLUTION: does anyone have the typical documentation (I've found ones for the free version) IN THE LINE 230: FIND "......." AND REPLACE (or ADD) with ".............." ??

    ... or any comment about this... any help will be precious...

    Thanks for advance
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     6 years ago

    so on final analysis, the problem you are having now is with the injections??

    The documentation for injections is in the user_guide.html file of your download.