Incorrect Discount

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     6 years ago

    Here's my scenario:

    I've created a coupon that applies to four of my manufacturers. Now here's what happens:

    1. If I buy a product from one of the non-discounted manufacturers - it works fine, there is no discount.
    2. If I buy one or more products which are from the discounted manufacturers it also works fine, the discount is correct.
    3. If I buy a mix of products from discounted and non-discounted manufacturers then all products are incorrectly discounted (i.e. even the ones from manufacturers which were not included in the coupon).

    I was running on version 1.2.3 pro and just upgraded to 1.4.0 but the issue still persists.

    Please advice.


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     6 years ago

    set the discount type to specific when setting up the coupon