Important "Paypal issue" with AWO Referral when Cancelling order

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     5 years ago


    Yesterday i bought AWO Coupon Pro and AWO Referral.
    I use it together with Hikashop.

    FYI: After installation, I had to add a semicolon in giftcerthanlder.php (i guess it was line 144).

    Important Issue:
    I tested everything with a Paypal Sandbox account and have the following issue:
    When a user cancels the order at the Paypal payment site and returns to my website without the payment, the AWO Rules are already fired and therefore the coupons are created for friend AND sponsor.
    This is a showstopper. If a user creates e.g. 5 orders and cancels all of them he would still get all the coupons and rebate even he did not pay anything.
    Is this normal behaviour or because of sandbox paypal ?

    If a sponsor makes a referral and the friend is the registering on the shop, I would like to give the new user a 10% discount on the FIRST order only WITHOUT entering any Coupon code manually.
    Is this somehow possible with your products (e.g. Create Automatic discount) only for the new user without entering coupon code ?

    Thanks for your fast feedback .

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     5 years ago


    Thanks for the FYI, will get that fixed.

    For the rules, I assume you are using order rules. These rules are triggered based on the order status of the order. By default it will trigger on the 'confirmed' status, but you can change it or add more statuses within aworeferral->configuration->general tab.

    And for the question, no, this is not part of the referral, to create an automatic discount for a specific user. It can be done: you would have to make sure the coupon is exclusive to the specific user and then use a plugin to move the discount to the automatic discounts section. It would work, but if you have hundreds of coupons in the automatic discount section being checked constantly for every product added to the cart, it might take a toll on resources.