Import function not case sensitive

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     7 years ago

    Hello, i am importing some coupons and i get the 'ERROR DUPLICATE COUPON CODE' error.

    I think it is because i am trying to import coupons with same name in different case (uppercase, lowercase) as coupon entry in checkout page is case-sensitive

    But i think that import function look for duplicates in import file in no case-sensitive way:
    file models/import.php,
    line 41
    line 165
    if($arrdistinctcodes[strtolower($row[1])]>1) {

    i thing that strtolower should not be used here

    AwoCoupon Pro 1.3.3 pro version
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     7 years ago

    You are absolutely right. I will make a note of it and make sure this is fixed in the next version.