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    I’m trying to import a batch of coupons via .csv import.

    Joomla 3.6.5 (German), Virtuemart 3.2.1,  AWO Coupon Pro 2.4.4

    My .csv file looks like:

    5;S4a2Bp;Veröffentlicht;Elterngutschein;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;7,24,56,23;;;;;;;note for parent coupon;Alle anwenden;;;;;;;Inklusive;;89;

    Whenever I upload a .csv file, I receive the error:

    Fehler -- [C] Veröffentlicht: Bitte einen gültigen Wert angeben

    (like: Error (C) Published: not valid...)

    I used the example Spreadsheet, copied it to excel, saved as .csv  and deleted the header-rows.

    But I always receive this error.

    When I create my own coupon like:


    Same error.

    I also tried "published" and "1" - same error.

    Like I said, even the example doesn’t work.

    Thanks for help!

    arg, found the error. i have to save the .csv as utf-8. because of the "ö"-letter.
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     a year ago

    Great, glad you solved the problem.