Import csv file, error: No ID

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     7 years ago

    I have 3 files to import.
    I checked: excluse the first row
    I unchecked: Even with errors in the batch....

    The first file went perfect.
    The second an the third file not, i keep on getting the message : NO ID specified (a lot of much as my importing coupons)

    But i have unique id's specified, and even the second and third batch is a direct copy of my first (but then i have changed ofcourse the ID for unique ID's, and the coupon names...)

    What am i doing wrong.
    After 2 hours i just also checked the box: Even with errors.
    And then it works, i have counted every coupon and every coupon is in AWOcoupon system...

    But what am i doing wrong with the csv file that its keep on telling me the error: NO ID specified!

    To bad i cannot attach my csv file here...
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     7 years ago

    Opening the csv file in notepad show there were many lines with just the delimiter, causing the invalid id error messages.