Import CSV -- Fatal Error

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     5 years ago

    First off, love the components. Great work.

    Now for my issue: on trying to import a csv into AWO2 that was generated from AWO1, I get the following php error:

    "Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/wlrus/public_html/administrator/components/com_awocoupon/models/import.php on line 182"

    I have checked the csv file and stripped out any odd commas and other potential syntax problems. I will paste in a few lines below, as there is no place to attach the csv.

    Any idea what might be happening?

    ID,"Coupon Code",Published,"Function Type","Function Type 2","Percent or Amount","Discount Type",Value,"Value Definition","Number of Uses","Number of Uses","Minimum Value","Minimum Value","Start Date",Expiration,Customers,Customers,"Asset - Type",Asset,"Asset Number",Asset,"Asset 2 - Type","Asset 2","Asset 2 - Number","Asset 2","Exclude Products on Special","Exclude Gift Certificate Products","Admin Note","Process Type","Maximum Discount Qty","Don't Mix Products","Automatically add to cart 'Get Y' product",Customers,Asset,"Asset 2"

    6,XX-PMI257,Published,Coupon,Product,Amount,Overall,150,,,,,,,,,,Product,,,53,,,,,No,No,,,,,,,"ACP Exam Prep Seminar Mar 1-2 | 2013 PMI - CMass Westborough",2,PMI031,Published,Coupon,Product,Amount,Overall,150,,,,,,,,,,Product,,,,,,,,No,No,,,,,,,,

    31,XX-PMI279,Published,Coupon,Product,Amount,Overall,150,,,,,,,,,,Product,,,52,,,,,No,No,,,,,,,"ACP Exam Prep Seminar Mar 7-8 | 2013 PMI - CIE Riverside",4,PMI059,Published,Coupon,Product,Amount,Overall,150,,,,,,,,,,Product,,,13,,,,,No,No,,,,,,,"ACP Exam Prep Seminar July 12-13 | 2012-Bay Area Concord | CA",

    5,XX-pmi024,Published,Coupon,Product,Amount,Overall,150,,,,,,,,,,Product,,,56,,,,,No,No,,,,,,,"ACP Exam Prep Seminar Mar 21-Mar 22 | 2013 PMI - SFBAC",

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     5 years ago


    No I do not see a problem. Can you please email the file you are importing to the email address in the contact form? We can have a look at it.