I want to take out the need to register in order to use the coupon

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     8 years ago

    I´ve installed AwoCoupon for virtuemart in joomla and I´ve noticed that when a new user/customer introduces the coupon code it doesn´t work (the message says that the coupon does not exist) unless this user has registered previously, that´s what I would like to change if it´s possible, I don´t want users/customers having to register before they buy and if it has to be this way at least that a message appears explaining that they have to register before buying so that the coupon works.

    I would be very thankful If someone could help me with this issue.

    Thank you very much.
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     8 years ago

    hi, there are certain types of coupons that will require the user to log in, and some that dont. Also it is possible to suppress the coupon field untill after a user is logged in. this is all detailed here: