how to let people register to be an affililate on my website?

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     2 years ago


    I just purchase AwoCoupon Pro and AwoAffiliate. According to the documentation saying I need to create a menu as "AwoCoupon Affiliate" and my affiliate user can view from front end. However, I couldn't find that "AwoCoupon Affiliate" from my menu item type.

    There's only AwoCoupon with choices like "list coupon codes" and "Gift Certificate Balance History". Or AwoAffiliate with choices like "commission", "payment", "summary". There's not menu item type "AwoCoupon Affiliate".

    Please help,

    How do I let user can register to be an affiliate user at front end and also be able to view his/her account from front end?
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     2 years ago


    Are you referring to this sentence:
    'You can expose these screens by creating a menu item. To do this, go to the admin section, select a menu section, click new, and select AwoCoupon Affiliate.'

    It was originally called AwoCoupon Affiliate, but was later changed to AwoAffiliate. The sentense has been fixed. So the items under AwoAffiliate are what you want. To allow customers to see their affiliate account, you would choose 'Summary' under AwoAffiliate. From there, they will see tabs to navigate to 'Commissions' and 'Payments'.

    There is no front end interface for customers signing up for an interface. You can automatically have all new registrations signed up. For that go to awoaffiliate->configuration->Auto Affiliate tab and set that up.